Public relations firm, Lotan images, established in 1995 by Yael Lotan of a mission that helps organizations, institutions and individual companies to bring good things to the attention of many.
The emphasis is on building its image strategy, optimized array design overall client objectives and measures of public relations activities by the short-and long-term vision and goals. We take full responsibility for the customer while responding to all needs – in image, marketing, media consulting, web solutions, created by promotion, branding, copywriting, video content, and creating strategic partnerships.
We are very creative and understand the differentiation we create brings the customer to be first and different in all his actions. We have a precise technology public relations, understanding and skill in different poses us first of all that exists in the field.
We are learning the trade in applied courses developed by Yael Lotan, we have two leading magazines of culture and art, lifestyle.
We have a cohesive team, a reputation for quick and ideological understanding is power, power is a success.
We are promoting for years the idea of ​​social responsibility in business companies as part of the strategy we build to the customer. As part of this thinking, Aisdanv the
Site PuRe Comm – social responsibility reporting portal to all action for the betterment of society in Israel.

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